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History of Pokemon Go

Pocket monsters popularly known as the Pokemon GO is a famous game which came into existence in July 2016, by the Niantic, was directed by Tastuo Nomura and composed by Junichi Masuda. The concept of this popular and common game was brought to the table in the year 2014 by two brilliant persons, Satoru from the Nintendo game company and Tsunekazu Ishihara from the Pokemon gaming company. These two brought the idea of the game together with Google on the so-called April fool Day and was finally named Pokemon challenge game. Tsunekazu Ishihara who is one of the workers in the Pokemon game company was one of the Niantic’s previous game lover called the ingress, he found the concept of the game as a perfect one and considered it as a match to the concept of their own Pokemon series. Niantic then used the interest of the crowd on their previous game in bringing the location of the gym and pokestops for the new series called Pokemon Go, this happened in December 2017 where Google map was used basically to produce some specific map display for the game especially from Open Street. A speech on the game’s development given by Ichihara was dedicated straight to a man called Iwata, a man who had died two months before the day in 2015. After much effort in creating this game, the next step was creating the game soundtrack, making it more lively for the player, the soundtrack which sounds great was written by one of the oldest composers of Pokemon game company named Junichi Masuda; not only did he compose the game soundtrack but also assisted the company with some other game designs. The company has a lot of game designers but among the designers for this game was a game designer called Dennis Hwang a man who had formerly designed the Gmail logo while still working for Google.

Steps in history

Game Test

The beta test program was established on the 4th of March 2016 to make sure there is no error in the game; this beta test allows the players to assist the company to refine the game before it is officially released to the public. The first beta test was carried out in Japan but was later expanded to some other countries. It was extended to two countries, i.e. the New Zealand and Australia on April 2017, and then to the United States of America on the 16th of May of the same year. This whole test project came to an end on the 30th of June in 2017. At the comic con which was held in 2016, the founder of Niantic, famous John Hanke announced to the public the three main team leaders and they were, Blanche which is the team main mystic, Candela the team valor and Spark which is the main team instinct. The founder then furthers his speech by conveying that approximately ten percent of the game ideas were put into practice. He also added that in the game test, a lot of things were checked which include the three-step glitch, easy training and even more implementation of the game centers at the pokestops in the game settings. John Hanke also said in his speech that the company would be continuing to supporting the Pokemon Go game for the coming years. The founder said; in the coming version of the game, there would be right for players playing against each other on the game Battlefield. A lot of improvement has been made to the game over years and in January 2017, another five thousands more start bucks location were available in the game’s gym which really improves the game’s gym for the players. Another updated version of the game was released in February 2017 where one hundred more species were added. They were based on the Johto Site from the other generation of the popular Pokemon game series and were also added together with the original one hundred and fifty-one series of the game. This updated version of the game also contains the existence of new and updated Pokemon mechanics encounter, new berries and an extended choosing of avatar character options in the game options menu. In this same year through late 2017, some of updated Pokemon were added in sapphire and Ruby which makes the game more unique and interesting. After much effort from the game’s developer the game is able to be affected by the real- world weather condition in October and early December, this improvement makes the game more outstanding compared to other games produced by the company. There are more improvements in the game graphics where the improvement shows the game character and easily seen in night mode of the game.

Pokemon Go Plus

After the invention of the Pokemon game, PokemonGo plus was added to the list. This is a wearable Bluetooth device of low energy and weight that is primarily made to enable the players to do some undoubting actions while playing the game, even without the players looking at the game’s smart device. When playing the game and the player is near the Pokestop, the Pokemon Go plus vibrates, and then the player is allowed to press the designated button to collect items from the Pokemon or take control of the Pokestop. Though the player is not allowed to use any item received from the Pokemon not until the player sign into the game’s application made for the phone.

Regional Availability

Pokemon game was introduced to the public on July 6, 2016, in three countries, New Zealand, Australia and the United State of America. After the release, there has been a high increase in demand for the game making the company add some plus features to the game. Also, the game is now been introduced to other. Other issues concerning the graphics are been solved making Pokemon Go one of the world leading games loved by most gamers. This game has everything to entertain its customers.

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