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How to Beat a Drug Test

Beating a drug test is easy if only you know what to do. There are three main ways to try to fool or beat a drug test: Dilution, adulteration, and substitution. Strange as it may seem, if done right there is a high probability that you can easily beat a drug test.

Diluting a Urine Sample

A dilute urine sample has a higher than average water content. The rationale behind trying to dilute your urine sample is to try and minimize or reduce the concentration of the detectable drug or metabolite in the urine. There are specific cut-off levels laboratories use to determine what’s acceptable and what isn’t. If there are very little concentrations of a tested metabolite in a urine sample then it will pass as a negative result. If you want some good information on this topic, make sure, that you visit and Read more on, this is website which has some very good information and can help you do the right thing. There is big improvement in the technology and clearing the drug test is no joke any more. One needs to work very hard and get things done in the right way. One should know the process well, then thing does become a little easy, but for that, one should have the right information. Once you have the right information, it makes the process much easier. This is a very important thing and needs to be taken care of. Many people are highly confused and are not sure, what they should be doing before the test and what not. But if you want to beat the test then you need to start action and work towards it. If you have time then you need to flush out toxins completely from the body, with the help of water.

Dilution can sometimes be a fail-proof approach because unintentional dilution is common. If a test subject consumes excess water, the concentration of metabolites in his urine will be diluted. Prior to a drug test, if you take excessive amounts of water, your chances of passing a drug test increases dramatically.

However, testing labs have upgraded their test procedure and can easily detect increased levels of creatine. An increased amount of creatine in a urine sample is indicative of intentional dilution.

Maliciously, if you have the chance, you can dilute the sample directly by adding water into your urine sample.

Substituting your Urine Sample

Substituting urine samples will give you consistent successful results but they are the hardest to pull off. Substituting your urine sample is when you present a sample that doesn’t originate from your body. You have to be very careful using samples that aren’t yours because they have to be clean and free from drugs. Make sure, that you Read more on, this will give you some very good information and will guide you about what you should be doing to clear the test. Trust me this is never easy. People need to work very hard and look for solutions and once they see some they need to act according to it. You need to read some good information on some good website, which will help you get things done. Once you know the complete process, that makes things much easier and you will never have a problem. This is website which has some recent good information to make people aware about how to beat the test and also about how one should approach it.

If you don’t want to use the urine sample of a human donor, powdered and concentrate urine samples are sold online in packets. All you have to do is follow the instructions prior to the test date.

Adulterating a Urine Sample to Beat the Test

Anything you do to your urine sample to tamper with the results is an attempt at adulterating the sample. There are certain chemicals you can add to a urine sample that will help mask the presence of some tested metabolites. This is not the best approach to beat a urine sample test because most of the chemicals people employ to beat a sample test can be detected in the lab. Once they are detected the urine sample will be flagged as adulterated. Once you visit a good website and Read more on, which will give you some super information on this subject. As soon as you come to know that there is going to be a test, you should become very careful and start looking for solutions and once you do that then things become easy. Immediately you should stop taking drugs if you are doing that as that can cause some serious problems.

Using Commercial Screens

Commercial screens are readily available and sold under various brand names. Most act by diluting your urine or adding chemicals to adulterate the urine sample. If you must use a commercial screen, does a background research on the product to find out the success rate before you invest. This is a very important, thing and once should make sure, to check the sample before you go for actual test; this will help you expect the result in the right way.

Drinking Vinegar

Drinking vinegar is not an effective way of beating a drug test. Vinegar reduces the sample’s pH level which will subsequently give evidence of possible sample tampering. Drinking too much vinegar can cause diarrhea.

These are the test which are commonly done for the purpose of employment and based on this one very important, thing like your profession is there. This is something very important, and one needs to keep clear of these tests. If you are on drugs, then you need to find some very good options for clearing the drugs test and that will happen if you know the process well. Once that happens, then you can be sure, that you will be able to beat the drug test, without too much trouble and make things much easier.

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