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Proper racking safety tips

Racking is a storage system in industries, warehouses and even factories. It is loved and adopted by many for its useful nature. As much as industrial racking can be very helpful, it can also be damaging if one does not follow the required safety measures, especially when installing the racks. As an employer, you must know that the safety of your employees is paramount. Therefore, you should be concerned about their well-being at work. To achieve that, you must make sure that they are safe from any fatalities that might result due to poor racking system. When making installations, make sure that they are safe for everyone working in the industry. To have a safe racking system, below are some of the tips that you must follow when installing your industrial racking system.

Make sure that the racking installation is done properly

The safety of employees concerning the racking system starts when the racks are being installed. As the supervisor, you should always keep checking while the installation is going on. This will be so helpful in determining if the racking system was done correctly. The installation must be completed in a manner that employees can feel comfortable around it especially when it comes to arranging of goods. Supervise to see that the rack is correctly mounted to the floor and even test to see if it is stable. Apart from the mounting, you should also make sure that the racking system is designed according to the items that will be stored in the racks. Also, make sure that the mounting is done in a level surface. This is very essential especially when it comes to reducing accidents and any possible damages.

Correct placement of goods

The racks might have been installed properly but maybe they are not being used as stipulated. As the manager or the supervisor, make sure that the racks are being used according to the instruction given and also ensure that they are being used properly. To be able to do that, you must make sure that the goods to be stored are balanced. Also, make sure that the goods are being stabilized before being stored. To make sure that the racks or the goods are balanced, you should consider installing a decking made of wire. This decking system is very vital to prevent movements of the items that are stored in the racks. This can be a very great step in preventing injuries, damages or any unnecessary accidents.

Install the safety measures on the racking system

Apart from just installing the racks correctly, one can also consider installing the safety measures to the industrial racking. The installation of these safety measures can be very important and helpful when it comes to guarding the safety of the workers and the safety of the goods being stored as well. The safety guard panels are usually installed to make sure that the items being stored do not fall leading to injuries and damages of the items.

Always make sure that the floor is clean

Being clean can sound insignificant when it comes to safety but it is, in fact, one of the tips that can prevent any accidents. You should always supervise to see that the area surrounding the rack and all industry is clean. Being clean means that the only thing that can be seen is the racking system plus the goods in it. Any other thing should be cleaned and removed from the area. This is to make sure that there are no obstructions especially when it comes to storing and maybe moving items. Cleaning also comes in when the floor is correctly cleaned and dried up. A wet floor can be a source of accidents. If the floor is wet and the floor is slippery, the employees might end up falling. This might not only damage the goods carried by the employee but also cause injuries to the employee.

Let there be light

Lighting can also be the most helpful thing or factor when it comes to preventing any fatalities and any accidents. Without lighting, the workers might end up being knocked or injured by the racking system. Always make sure that there is visibility everywhere within the racking system. Apart from just making sure that the area has lighting, also ensure that the lighting in the industry is one that will not distract the employees as well.

The spacing of the racking system

When installing the racking system, it is very vital to make sure that there is enough space between the racks. The space is very helpful especially when it comes to offloading of items or when it comes to arranging of items in the racks. Without the correct spacing, you might find out that the workers might get injured very easily.


Racking system is adapted by almost each and every industry, factory and also the warehouses or any business place that needs goods storage systems. Although they are good for storage, they can also be a source of many accidents and injuries especially when no safety measures are imposed. As the boss or the manager, the welfare of your employees should come first before anything else. To do this, make sure that the working environment is safe, suitable and comfortable for their working. Therefore, you should make sure that you have a proper racking system that is safe.

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