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The reason why purchasing a fan could the best option for you

There is no doubt in it that fan is one of the most important accessories in the house or at the working place which is why getting a fan with the best specs would be better. Winter is an unbearable climatic condition if there is no proper ventilation in the room especially in the noon or late at night when the heat will be almost unbearable. There are some countries that need the best fan to reduce the rate of heat, the weather changes with time and some discoveries have made it known to the public that world is getting hotter every new decade. This increases the rate at which fan is being ordered for in the market but what to take note of is the features of the fan to give the best results and release cool breeze to the room. keuzehelper will be emphasizing on the fan in the best feature of it in order to fight off the unbearable weather. But before that, why do we need a fan? This question will surely provide reasons why one has to choose fan with the best features.

Rubber Fan blade pitch and the size of the blades

Blades are one of the features one should look in fan before going for it, it is made in any way either in mahogany, rectangular or at times made in a more traditional shape, rubber blade is still the best in serving the best cool air to the room. Many fans are manufactured with three or four or five or at times more blades and many fan users thought that the more the blades, the more the speed and the more air the fan will produce but that is not totally true, the lesser the blades, the more the air produced a Vise Versa. Even it is proven that more blades produce drag. Three blades manufactured with most fan and with wind turbines are assumed to be more efficient and cools better than many blades but a fan with four or more blades tend to work with lesser noise and attract more. The rate of cool breeze blown by the fan is determined by the fan blades. Normally the fan blades should be 12 to 15 degrees from the root in order to give efficient work last longer and for sure release and circulate cool air to the room. Being made with light material that is rubber it makes it produce more air for fans with any other made materials. Since it is rubber and light in weight, the blades utilize well the motor attached to it and serve the user the best. Another point to note is the angle of the blades towards the engine that is the motor, in order for all the new features to work, the degree of the blades to the motor must be 12-15 degrees. With that, the blades will perform more efficiently and produce a cooler breeze.


There is no doubt in it that fan is nothing compare to air conditioner but still better than none. Fan with a very higher CFM (which measure the rate and volume of air flow by giving out signals every sixty seconds while in use) and a better motor will surely serve the user to the fullest, does not spoil easily, gives cool breeze, doesn’t get blown up nor produce hot air after a long period of time and no doubt in it, consume very little power supply. A fan with better performing motor helps to improve the CFM and not only that but helps the fan in reducing the volume of the noise produced by the engine and provides rigid standing.

Exclusive features

Either the fan is for the room, bedroom or office, it has to have some unique features to work and serve one better. Among the features is the oscillator which helps the fan to sweep and maintain air movement all over the room if rotated or when fixed on a spot. Some fans are made with a manual rotation that is one can decide to choose from different oscillation speeds or patterns.

  • Remote control: the latest fan is made in such a way that user can easily operate them with ease, they require no manual to operate.
  • Adjustable air movement direction: this is a control in which the user has the right to adjust the airflow in the room. At times, the breeze might be too much that is the cool breeze is getting too much for the health; the air movement controller helps to regulate the airflow and circulate it to the surroundings if it is fanning on spot
  • User- friendliness of control: as the word implies, these features provide the user either literate or illiterate the right to be able to operate the fan with no effort
  • Programmable timers: this unique feature is only in newer fans, they provide the user the right to program the fan to work for some specific period of time and after that perform the next operation as directed by the user.
  • Low noise output: this reduces the noise of the fan. Modern fans are made in such a way that they produce very little noise. While giving out little sounds, they also work perfectly with no fault and consume less power
  • Power option: this gives the user the right to choose from any power option of interest. Since there is more than one source, these new fan allows the user to choose from one power options to another.
  • Power consumption: this feature shows how low the fan consumes power. Latest fans are made in a way that they consume very low power supply and works for a very long time. Some fans even make use of both electricity and solar energy which also shows how low the power consumption rate is and that does not make it slower or produce low breeze when working or produce hot air.
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